There is no doubt that IP is the standard protocol for the business application functions. Developments, and expansions in modern organizations has to be in line with IT growth. High-speed bandwidth across the Internet to gain access to corporate information or exchange business information, and extranet resources with guaranteed QoS, and SLA is vital to modern consumers.

More About The Service

Our IP-VPN solution is an integrated network customized to increase the efficiency of customer business. Because it’s a private network, you can rest assured that your important information is traversing a secured and dedicated network. Unlike the Internet-based VPN solution, with our IP-VPN solution, your traffic will be traversing a network purpose-built.

Our IP-VPN service is an end-to-end managed service which covers up to the router level in your network. Our engineers will be monitoring all components in this private network to ensure optimum performance in them. With this comprehensive service, customer’s can delegate all its network issues to us, while they can focus on the higher level applications within the organization. We can also extend to customer’s the option to manage up to the firewall level.

Our IP VPN managed service also comes standard with the installation, maintenance and management of the network for your organization. It is especially suitable for organizations that have limited network expertise. We will have a dedicated project manager to oversee the design, implementation and commissioning of your service, ensuring timely and accurate delivery of service to your organization.

To deliver the IP-VPN service to customer, we will extend a fiber to each of the customer network locations . Riding on an end-to-end fiber connectivity, the Metro-Ethernet service will provide the best performance in terms of availability and scalability in the market today. With the fiber-based Metro Ethernet service, customer will get a stable service which is scalable to gigabit rates in the future.

We offer our customers access to a web-based reporting tool, which is available 7 days a week 24 hours a day. These reports aid customers in identifying circuits that need upgrading, before they reach critical levels by enabling them to monitor their performance, thus allowing for timely port management. Statistics are available in a variety of formats including by day, month and year.