The core of all internet service lies with a reliable, extremely quick internet transit. Over at Acoda, we ensure that we have direct peering with reliable service providers and popular content providers to ensure that our customers enjoy the internet at blazing speeds. With redundancy routes for both domestic and international routes – not only you get to enjoy blazing internet speeds but also one helluva redundant service.

More About The Service

  • The IP Transit service that we provide is a Premium Internet Service via our AS58983 & AS58910
  • The service is available in anyone of our International Gateways which is located in CJ1, AIMS and SafeHouse, that support IPV4 and IPV6 on a dual stack platform. We plan to open more locations in the near future.
  • Our service offers a flexible range of bandwidth sizes and at a very competitive price point
  • We offer our customers the ability to choose the type of traffic that meets their requirement – Domestic only, international only or blended (a mixture of domestic and international)
IP Port Bandwidth 2Mbps – 10Gbps
IP Port Interface SDH and Ethernet Technology
Line Protocol IPV4 or IPV6 dual Stack
Routing Protocol BGP, Static
IP Network Routes AS58983 & AS58910
Security DOS/DDOS attack prevention (Black hole features enable)
Billing Frequency Monthly, quaterly, half yearly, yearly
Billing Option Flat rate or 95th percentile usage based
Operation & Support (NOC 24 x 7 x 365 with dedicated and proactive engineers based in Kuala Lumpur
Online Monitoring Online portal accessible via http://acoda.freshdesk.com

With our various partnerships with Tier 1 carriers around the globe, we now have access to most of the major cable systems around the region. Our precious cargo (your internet traffic!) has access to cable systems like C2C, EAC, SMW3, SMW4, AJC, Unity, AAG, SJC and TGN, just to name a few.

Whether you use the internet to check emails, update reports on your international HQ intranet, downloading and reading research papers, streaming a video on YouTube, having a video conference with your International partners or just updating your status on Facebook; we’ll deliver these traffic at incredible speeds. With our peering to major research and educational networks around the globe and also to most of the major content providers (Google, Facebook, Amazon, Yahoo, MSN), we’re sure that your internet experience with us will just always be awesome!

We offer our customers access to a web-based reporting tool, which is available 7 days a week 24 hours a day. These reports aid customers in identifying circuits that need upgrading, before they reach critical levels by enabling them to monitor their performance, thus allowing for timely port management. Statistics are available in a variety of formats including by day, month and year.